Faith is blessed to have a certified ASL signer as part of our community.  We are pleased to include the hearing impaired as an integral part of our community of faith.  This is one more way in which we seek to live out our commitment to God's extravagant hospitality and abundant love.  Signing allows the message of God's unconditional love and absolute acceptance to reach those who are marginalized by hearing impairment.

I (Carrie) have been an interpreter for about 20 years; interpreting sermons, announcements, and praise and worship music.  When I was first learning, American Sign Language came easily.  I consider this ability as a gift of the Spirit, a blessing from God.  Through the act of signing I feel my heart and soul becoming one with God and God's people.  Today, I have come to realize that gift is also my passion, as I seek to share God's word with those who are not able to hear that word as a vocal voice.

My fondest memory has been the honor to participate in the signing of the Lord's Prayer played by Michael W. Smith.