Homeless Ministry

Homelessness as an abstraction can appear to be a complex problem with little evidence of a workable solution.  This is common opinion even though there are more empty homes in this country than homeless.  Hospitality as a disciplined relational act is all together different. The neighborhood where Faith United Church of Christ is located has a number of homeless brothers and sisters who travel back and forth and often stop to rest in the shade of the oak tree out front or on one of our covered porches.  We have come to know many of these brothers and sisters by name and frequently share a cup of coffee with them and even lunch.  We pray for them and welcome them in all aspects of the life of our covenant community.  We believe our faith, and our life together, is enriched by these relationships.

But we also seek ways to provide help through local partners like "OUR HOUSE" where we provide a meal for the residents four times a year.  We also seek ways in which we can advocate for the social, medical, and economic needs of our homeless.